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Shares the same name of a song done by Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, but completely different term2015
You can go to prison if you do this, as they did in the mv2015
Normally, Snipers only have ______ to hit their target2013
The color opposite to orange2012
Seventeen recently covered it2008
He performed this song at the mama's 2014 and it included a creppy baby and really fast rapping2014
This group were a all a blonde ______2012
You only celebrate your valentines day on one day, and only _________2014
You must be swift as the coursing river~2014
7 and 8 are ______ on a keyboard (song title) (also add it's position)2015
Opposite would be bad boy (which these two have already sung about being)2014
Because you wouldn't want to Love Them Left now would you???2015
You're so ice ice baby~2016
This song's mv earned the title of 'MV with the biggest plot twist' this mv stared Seo In Guk and Dasom2012
Lights, camera.....2012
Shine your light on me baby (AWWWWWWWW:`) )2013
When a glass has no water in it it's _______2014
You should aim for the _____2015
The symbol of Western Australia is this animal, if you don't live in Australia, i'll let you Google it :32015
This is an OST of a drama a member the group stared, they did another one called The King2016
The members in the mv have awesome,badass magical powers, they're just TOO Good2014
This title has no grammatical sense, I I think what they meant was the pain of love2012
Debut of a singing icon in KPOP2012
_____ _____! Whose there???? The boys who make our hearts thump2016
not 4minute's2015
Debut of heroes, enough said2012
A Brian Joo song while he was in Jellyfish ent2011/2012
Before the sunrises2011
This song is about a younger man trying to show that they are a manly man to an older woman2016
It's probably the most popular candy, im fact I have one right now 2016
There's an english version but you need to trap it2013
The Joker is a ______2014
BAKA- Soul Eater or a type of sword2016
Is this song about being a bully or standing up against the bully? It's confusing because there is the story dwarf and a giant but it'll end like David and Goliath...2012
Jim Carey stared in this movie 2015
Debut song of probably the most popular boy group today2013
This group gained a member at the time this song came out, while the leader recently, Jungkyun, is going for military service 2015
Jackie Chan's group debut song2014
The members in the MV are trying to reach a girl, via climbing up a ladder, rock climbing or climbing her hair2016
Another word for pretty2015
Named after the two faced Roman God of beginnings, gateways (note that the two faces look identical)2013
Normally you get them in highschool, ah highschool romances2013
(of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual. Also very retro!2016
777 in slots is the 2014
Eurerong Eureong Eureong dae2013
Many people have these, because we stay up late looking at our biases2015
if a fly was a superhero, would this be it's name???2015
UFOs make this sound2015
Sad Christmas' from this group, why??? No one knows but this is their 2nd sad Christmas song2015
Opposite of the other 5 member boy group in the comapny2015

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