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Forced Order
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Summons an object to the caster.
Unlocks locked doors.
Tortures the victim.
Killing curse
Summons a flock of birds from the caster's wand.
Creates water from the caster's wand.
Confuses the victim.
Causes an object to sink, or go down.
Cuts or rips objects.
Makes an object larger.
Used to heal minor injuries.
Disarms victim.
Negates many spells or the effects of many spells.
Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten.
Reveals humans near the caster.
Impends the targets progress towards the caster.
Causes the victim to obey the caster's every command.
Ties someone or something up with ropes.
Produces fire.
Allows the caster to delve into the victim's mind.
The victim is dnagled upside down by his or her ankle.
Creates light from the caster's wand.
Conjures the Dark Mark.
Keeps nearby people from hearing conversations.
Counter charm to Lumos.
Deletes someones memory.
Causes the wand to act as a compass.
The Shield Charm
Makes an object smaller.
Used to repair broken or damaged objects.
Causes the sensation of being tickled.
Used to ward off a boggart.
Provides protection against hexes.
Conjures a serpent from the caster's wand.
Magnifies the caster's voice.
Puts the victim in an unconcious state.

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