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QUIZ: Can you name some of key people and places of the novel?

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Private Detective
Pygmy islander with murderous intent
Military Partner/ Sidekick
Damsel in distress
Damsel's employer
Foolish detective
Canine intelligence
Incarcerated criminal seeking revenge
Duplicitous partner in crime
Gambler and Missing Person
Pearl Sender
Treasure hunter
Location for the boat chase
Location of the Treasure's hiding place
Location of Holmes' detective agency
Location of the mutiny
Location of the penal colony
Location of most of the book
Urchins used as intel
Location of the Fort in Chapter 12
Prize fighter gatekeeper
Owner of the Aurora
Owner of the Agra Treasure who is murdered
Member of the Sign of Four
Member of the Sign of Four
Member of the Sign of Four
Cotton Plantation owner who helped Small

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