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Forced Order
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Definition or Symbolic Meaning
A brother who kills a brother out of jealousy
A large person who is slain by David
His 12 sons became the 12 sons of Israel
Israelite king who wrote the Proverbs and was known for wisdom
Someone who is indifferent or hostile to the arts and refinement
One who brings bad luck. Known for being swallowed by a large fish
One who is blamed for the actions of others. Symbolic for the sins of Jewish people
A traitor or a treacherous kiss. One of the twelve apostles, he betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver
A person who suffers a great deal but remains faithful
Someone who helps another person, even though they may be a different race or background.
One known for wisdom and accurate judgement for his ability to read the handwriting on the wall.
Son who plotted a rebellion against his father while in exile and died in the attempt.
Jesus said it was easier for a camel to go through this than for a rich man to enter heaven
Any place associated with wickedness or sin. Evil cities destroyed by fire.
Definition or Symbolic Meaning
Wasteful son who disappoints his father, spends all his money, and returns home penitent
Symbolic for a treacherous love story. A legendary warrior whose wife cut off his hair, destroying his strength for a bribe
An evil king and queen responsible for introducing idol worship to Israel
The result of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit.
Representative of a large sin, such as an affair.
The beginning and the end, from Revelations in the New Testament
'friends' who bring blame instead of comfort
Symbolic for what the future holds
Money or profits from moneylenders in the Temple
One who is cast out for being unworthy. Said to be the ancestor of the nomadic tribes of Arabs
Life-giving source or food. Said to have fallen from heaven while the Israelites were in the desert with Moses.
Something so precious that one would devote everything or give up everything for it. Symbolic of Heaven.
A tomb in the Old Testament
Faithful friends or in-laws; Story of a woman who traveled with her dead husband's mother back to her people

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