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first item katniss picks up in arena
First person katniss kills directly
Peeta's close friend
favourtie colour of katniss
name of girl avox
where did peeta throw the first loaf of bread
what flavour was the bread
what does katniss knock over to talk to darius
The colour dress katniss wears at the reaping
name of prims goat
seneca cranes job
peetas indirect kill
who killed snow
Glimmers pre-game interview angle
what did peeta do when he met katniss for the first time after the quater quell
how many children do peeta and katniss have
Who is finnicks true love
Who decorated their wedding cake
who got caught stealing bread from canteen in 13
What did snow leave behind in katniss's house
what did katniss notice about peeta while filling in the book
'you love me, real or not real' finish line
how was Johanna mason tortured
Who had their legs blown off
name of ex-stylist who hid the star squad

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