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(A) Silent Servant
(B) What Peeta is famous for
(C) Dellys last name
(D) Peacekeaper and Avox
(E) District 12 escort
(F) Sex symbol of district 4
(G) Wild bird that rue had two legs off
(H) 50th games winner
(I) Nickname for the camera crew for the Star Squad
(J) District 7 winner
(K) Protagonist of the Trilogy
(L) Trade of District 1
(M) Gave Katniss the Mockingjay pin
(N) Deadly Berry in Arena
(O) Pea green prep team member
(P) Head gamemaker of 75th Hunger Games
(Q) Anniversary Games
(R) Gales Brother
(S) Cinna and Portia are them
(T) Venomous Muttation wasps
(U) Mayor of District 12 last name
(V) Spikey haired Stylist
(W) Tick tock, District 3 Tribute
(X) Symbol Peeta draws on catos hand
(Y) What rue was
(Z) Score Katniss and Peeta thought they were going to get at 75th games

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