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Another word for crazy.
The name of the protagonist's English teacher
A word meaning 'for a moment'
The protagonist of the novel.
Another word for 'opposed'
'It's like somebody taking weeks to decide to go skydiving' is an example of which technique?
The name of the Islamic school in the novel.
The protagonist's Japanese friend
'In an act of severe child abuse' is an example of which technique?
The name of the protagonist's crush
The Arabic word for the headcovering worn by some females.
A word meaning 'full of anger'
Another word for salvage. (6 letters)
Name of the principal at McCleans.
'My fears have ganged up on my confidence' is an example of which technique?
A word that means 'weird'
What does UCO stand for?
VCE is the equivalent to which NSW exam?
The girl who waved the protagonist over to sit with her on the first day.
'I feel like Alice in Wonderland' - technique?
A big word meaning curvy starting with 'V'

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