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Stands for both itself, and something larger than itself
The main idea, or underlying message of a work
Inclined to float
Absence without permission
Small restaurant serving light lunches
A female that inherits vast wealth
Preliminary drawing for later elaboration
Available body of facts, or information used to show truth
A leisurely stroll in public
Motherly in nature
Feature belonging to person or thing
A person who helps people
A passing reference to a well known literary work or idea
The dictionary definition of a word
A word that is also a sound
A person, place, thing, or idea
Combining multiple things
Relating to literature
Journey to a holy place
Native of Paris
Resembling a statue
The implied meaning of a word
An educated guess about literature
A book about a man who changes his outlook on life by Charles Dickens
Zaroff and Connell battle it out in this intense cat and mouse game
Giving human characteristics to non-human things
A word that describes a noun
To call attention to differences
A person who avoids word
Verbs ending in -ing, acting as nouns
A poem about how everything changes by Robert Frost
A recurring symbol
The repetition of the same sound at the beginning of a word
Inclined to create
The act of accepting
Point out differences, tell apart
Absolutely necessary
A verb acting as an adjective
The act of telling a story
A person who is highly educated
Resembling metals
To make stronger
A short story about a no nonsense woman and her act of kindness by Langston Hughes
A novel that gives a first hand account about the Holocaust by Elie Wiesel
A poem with two meanings involving a father and son by Theodore Roethke
To arrive at a judgement by reasoning
Make sense of, assign meaning to
Confirm with truth
To portray in a particular way

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