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in order who had the largest, meduim, and msmallest pyramid in giza
increased trade drastically, Wore false beards, this pharaoh had itself depicted as a man in almost all statues.
Took Over after hatshepsut, raised large armies, capital was thebes, under his control the empire grew rich from trade and collected taxes from conquered territories
who brought monotheism to Egypt
Second name for egypt due to the black silt
A state ruled by a religious figure
This figure lead armies served as judges and were believed to be a god in human from
How many stones did it take to build khufus pyramid and how tall was it when it was done and how long did it take to build it
Name the two different forms of Hieroglyphics
The first pharaoh to be thought as a god, had his temple built in Saqqara and in his temple there were 2 burial chambers, one to the north for his body and on to the south for his
Whom were the prime ministers to the Pharaoh
what was the capital of the middle kingdom
what kingdom was egypts golden kingdom
The god whom weighed the souls of the dead, had the head of a jackal, and was from the old kingdom
The pharaoh Hatshepsut whom led a raid to Punt on the Red Sea gained these items:
Second name Narmer, united Egypts in 3100 B.C. And started the Dynasties of egypt in Memphis
What in at the mouth of a river , often in traingular shape, and Egypts is one of the largest in the world
How many miles are the nile
what did Akhetaten, the capital, translate to
a 67 year rule,married a hittite princess, built two temples, ruled from 1304- 1237, and was married to the beautiful Neferetari, whome was said to be the woman who the north wind
what kingdom did the first permanent army become established, and whom led the revolt against the hyksos and started this kingdom
how long did the old kingdom last
What are political areas with own dialect, customs and are uniques (not City-States)

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