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QUIZ: Can you name the all the les mis facts?

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Cosette's Real Name
What Marius thought Cosette's name was
Eponine's Siblings
Enjolras' Love
Place where the barricade rises
Day of the insurrection
Thenardier's fake name
Woman who took care of the boys
Valjean's second number
Ship Valjean worked on
Name of the cafe
Second flag
First to die on the barricade
What Feuilly etched on the wood
The pair that died together
Marius' friend in the ABC
Day of Marius' wedding
Cosette's nickname
Location of the Thenardier's tavern
The man mistaken for Valjean
Javert's birthplace
The name of the convent
Last Character to die
First character to die
Title of the final book

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