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Goddess of the moon; 'divine waters'
Ancient oak; giver of wisdom; also went by name 'draoi'
Goddess of prophecy and knowledge; 'mother of warriors'
The dude with the cooking pot
Father of Cuchulainn; sun god; name now mispronounced as 'leprechaun'
The goddess of ravens, warfare, and ghosts; brought about the death of Cuchulainn; possibly also a goddess of livestock and prophecy
Goddess of love and of a tribe of warriors called the Eoghanhachta
God of writing; gave his name to the Irish alphabet called the Ogham
Father of the sun god
The moon goddess's evil twin
The sea god
Goddess who gave her name to Ireland
'The hills of the gods'
Wife of the sun god in most myths; sometimes confused with the goddess of war
_______ 'of the One Eye,' son of the moon goddess's evil twin
God of physicians
God of smiths

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