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For sure; pinkie ________
Ask to marry
Use evidence; show it happened
Do over and over; ________ makes perfect
Talk to God or Higher Power
Boss of the United States
Make or create; fresh fruit and veggies
Get ready for
Long-term jail
Stop from happening; don't allow
Hunted by predator
Gift; right now
Doctor's order for medicine
Cost; 'The ______ is Right' show
Offer of advancement at work
Watch over; ensure safety
Joke; play a _______ on
Keep to self; talk in _______
Tell future
Most important thing to do; top of the list
Item won in game
Give what is needed; do for
Group of people against something; peaceful _______
See before finished; movie trailer
'Little House on the ________'
Happy about another's choices; 'I'm ______ of you'
Ape or monkey
Start warming oven
Child close to age 13
Get from computer to paper
Brown salty snack, can be eaten warm too
Pyramid object in which light creates rainbow
Push on button
Going to have a baby
Dried plum; remove tips of plant
Type of school for grades K-2
King's daughter
Canadian territory

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