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Woman's upper undergarment
Hair patches above eyes, for short
Soup base, usually chicken or beef
Witch with her pot; make beer
Mean, spoiled child
Organ responsible for thought
Brunette hair color; Cleveland NFL team
Used to get knots out of hair; painting tool
Third place Olympic medal
Must do this to survive, even while sleeping
Type of dog; make more dogs
Sweeping tool
Endlessly talk about accomplishments
Common grocery: milk, eggs and ________
Slight wind in the air
Rectangle object used to build structures
Offer only in return for a favor
Green vegetable, bought by bunch
Product name/company
Long twisting hairstyle
Wrist jewelry
Roadway over water; card game
Meat of chicken's chest
Groom's wife
Not detailed; to update; _______ case
Last word of the 'National Anthem'
Top rack fast cooking in oven
Shining light/star; smart
Trumpet material
Take along
Three parts of government; large stick
Popular country in South America
Search through choices online
Mark left by injury; black & blue
Late breakfast; early lunch
Wild horse; Denver NFL team
Teeth straighteners
Stop car with foot
System invasion; information compromised
Male sibling
Edge of a steep place; on the ______ of disaster
Move quickly; tea company
Helps visually impaired to read
Fall apart into pieces; rest time at work
Rim of a cup or bowl

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