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Eric's cousin Penny is from this state
Music Hyde thinks is from hell
Fez's second place of work
Donna's last name
Youngest member of the 'Gang'
Point Place's grocery store
State show takes place in
Donna's DJ name
Food Red is caught eating in the garage
Movie Eric is obsessed with
Angie's (Hyde's sister) college major
Food Fez demands in the circle (season 1)
Reason Eric gets suspended
What Kitty teaches Hyde to do
Class Bob & Midge took together in school
Jackie's last name
Who Donna dresses as to surprise Eric
Hyde's favorite band
Mystery meat Kitty one time fed the family
What Fez loves to eat
Place many people tend to fall from
Kelso's profession
Jackie loves these mythological creatures
City Donna and Eric were going to move to
Fez's commom hiding spot
Hyde's real dad's first name
Kelso's daughter's name
Location of Laurie & Fez's honeymoon
What Kelso is allergic to
Item Donna and Eric break-up over
Eric enjoys catching these
Item Pastor Dave ingests with Kitty's dinner
Red's deceased best friend
Jackie's first place of work
Breed of Kitty's dog
Candy Donna brings to Eric when he's in jail
State Midge runs off to
Girl Fez loses his virginity to
Futuristic thing Kelso is into
Name one of Jackie's dream careers
Eric's favorite ice cream
Kelso's favorite word (to yell)
City where Hyde meets his wife
Magazine the girls get advice from
What Jackie admits she tries on/wears weekly
Guy Donna dates while Eric's in Africa
Fez's third job title
The hippie
Eric's roller disco nickname
Hyde skips work for this bar activity
What Kitty calls her 'Buddha'
Store Red supervised
Point Place's burger joint
Where Midge says Tai Chi originated
Hyde's record store
What Donna angrily finds in Eric's backseat
Color of Jackie's bedroom
Disco Club in Kenosha (two-digit number)
Eric's Tattoo
War Red faught in
Color Donna dyed her hair
Employee who had a crush on Red
Cops find this in Leo's brown bag
Actor Kelso chooses to model after
Type of bird Leo buys Fez
Age Eric lost his cute behind/butt
Animal that killed Red's best friend
Jackie's job at hair salon
Body part Donna is often teased about
Hyde's mom's profession
Special baked good (made with love)
Food Donna records for radio show
What Kelso glued his hand to
Class taught by professor who dated Laurie
BONUS: Scent of 'smoke' used for circle scenes

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