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Can you figure out these commonly used animal expressions/sayings?

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Tipsy as a stinky one
Colony bugs in your jeans
Tweeters and the stingers
Tiger siesta
Religious milk producer
Chimp watches, chimp repeats
Time consumed honey producer
Fearful cheetah
Woof up the incorrect maple
Poking around hurt the meower
Dark lamb in the group of related people
Xerox jaguar
Trunked animal in the kitchen (or other area of a home/building)
Storming lions and wolves
Grasp a male cow by the....antlers?
Enough swimmers in the ocean
Night flyer from land below (Meatloaf song on album with same name)
Wild dog wearing lamb costume
Unhealthy/ill as a man's best friend
Unchained as a flying chirper
Examine what the purrer pulled in
Grasp your trottters
Excited/impatient dam builder
As comfortable as a fly in a carpet
Alligator eye droplets
Evening hooter
Stingers mid-leg joints
Highest barker

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