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QUIZ: Can you name the Harry Potter A-Z?

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A: Grandfather of Draco Malfoy
B: Ancient Runes Professor
C: A Popular Sweet
D: Wizarding Newspaper
E: Close Friend of Dumbledore
F: Brother of Molly Weasley
G: Sister of Fleur Delacour
H: Half-Giant
I: Reciever of the Cloak of Invisibility
J: J.K. Rowling's First Name
K: J.K. Rowling's Middle Name
L: Snogged Ron
M: Transfiguration Professor
N: Tonks' First Name
O: Madame Maxime's First Name
P: James Potter's Nickname
Q: First Year DADA Professor
R: R.A.B
S: Quidditch Position
T: Lowest OWLs Mark
U: Avada Kedavra, Crucio, Imperio
V: The Fat Lady's Best Friend
W: House Elf
X: Luna's Father's Nickname
Y: Death Eater
Z: Sneering Hufflepuff Quidditch Player

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