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Forced Order
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In the sixth book, what did she refer to Fleur as??
What did Ginny say Harry had tattooed across his chest??
What job does she take up after she leaves Hogwarts??
What job does she take up after she retires from quidditch??
Who does she marry??
How many kids does she have??
What is the eldest boy's full name??
What is the second boy's full name??
What is their only girl's full name??
What house was she sorted into at Hogwarts??
What object does she get possessed by in her first year??
What did she name her Pygmy Puff??
What position did she play on the Gryffindor quidditch team at Hogwarts??
What position has she also played??
What did Ginny send Harry on Valentine's day in her first year??
What did Ginny name the organisation led by Harry??
What age was Ginny when she started to steal her brothers broomsticks out of the shed and practice quidditch??
When is Ginny's birthday??
What is her patronus??
How many brothers does she have??
What are her brothers called from oldest to youngest??
What was her Quidditch number at Hogwarts??
Who's her favourite Quidditch team??
What band is she known to like??

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