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Do you really know the Simpsons?

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How old is Homer?
How old is Marge?
How old is Bart?
How old is Lisa?(Word)
How old is Maggie?(Word)
What is Homer's job?
What is Homer's father called?
What is Homer's mother called?
What is Homer's half brother called?
Who is the voice of Homer Simpson?
What is Homer's main catch phrase?
What is the heaviest weight Homer has ever been?(lbs)
What is Homer's usual weight?(lbs)
Who is Homer's best friend?
Who is Homer's enemy?
Who is Homer's hero?
Name one of Homer's hobbies.
What is Homer's favourite food?
What is Homer's favourite drink?
What is Homer's favourite restaurant?
What is Homer's favourite road trip cassette?
Name one of Homer's inventions.
What does Homer fear?
What is Marge's occupation?
What is Marge's father called?
What is Marge's mother called?
What is Marge's lesbian sister called?
What is Marge's other sister called?
Name one of Marge's nieces.
What does Moe call Marge?
What is Marge's uncle called?
Who is the voice of Marge Simpson?
Is Marge's hair really blue?
What colour is Marge's necklace?
What is Marge's talent?
How many jobs has Marge had other than being a housewife?(Word)
What is Lisa's occupation?
Who is Lisa's famous cousin?
Who is the voice of Lisa Simpson?
What colour is Lisa's necklace?
What is Lisa's necklace made from?
Sherri and Terri make fun of Lisa's...?
What is Lisa's religion?
What instrument does Lisa play?
What language is Lisa fluent in?
What is Bart's occupation?
Name one of Bart's alternative names.
What is Bart's natural hair colour?
Who did Bart have his first kiss with?
Who is Bart's best friend?
Who is Bart's idol?
Who want's to kill Bart?
What is 'Bart' short for?
What is Bart's middle name?
What is 'Maggie' short for?
How many people voice Maggie?(Word)
How many times has Maggie saved someone's life?(Word)
Who is Maggie's arch enemy?
What colour is Maggie's pacifier?
Who shot Mr Burns?

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