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DefinitionVocabulary Word
plan written by Benjamin Franklin and other colonial delegates that called for the colonies to unite under a common governing body
Frontier region in Virginia and the Carolinas between coastal settlements and the Appalachian mountains
Incident in which British soldiers fired into a crowd of colonists, killing five people
Protest against the tea act in which a group of colonists boarded British tea ships and dumped more than 340 chests of tea into Boston harbor
to refuse to buy certain goods; method often used in protest movements
Committees created by Massachusetts House of Representatives in the 1760s to help towns and colonies share information about resisting the new laws
women’s group that used boycotts and other measures to support the colonies’ resistance to the British
four laws passed by Parliament to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party and to tighten government control of the colonies
an army made up of civilians serving temporarily as soldiers
People who first settle an area
unsuccessful attack by Ottawa chief Pontiac and his allies against British forts on the frontier in an attempt to drive out European settlers
British proclamation banning further colonial settlement west of the Appalachian mountains and ordering colonists already living there to move their settlements
DefinitionVocabulary Word
stories and images designed to support a particular point of view
to abolish
secret societies formed in the mid 1700s by colonists to protest new taxes and to frighten tax collectors
law passed by Parliament that rasied tax money by requiring colonists to pay for an official stamp whenever they bought paper items such as newspapers, licenses, and legal document
law passed by the British Parliament setting taxes on molasses and sugar imported by the colonies
law passed by Parliament allowing the British East India company to sell its low-cost tea directly to the colonies, undermining colonial tea merchants; led to the Boston Tea Party
Law passed by Parliament placing duties on certain items imported by the colonists
special search warrants that allowed tax collectors to search for smuggled goods
American colonists who were loyal to the British government
American colonists who believe that the colonies had the right to govern themselves
A law ordering Colonial assemblies to provide British troops with quarters or housing
Meeting of colonial delegates in Philadelphia to decide how to handle increased British taxation and abuses by British authorities; delegations sent a petition to Britian demanding

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