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Can you name the Name the American Horror Story Characters from seasons 1, 4, & 5?

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Main husband and father (cheater)
Main wife and mother
Main daughter (suicidal, later ghost)
Neighbor's son, Homicidal ghost (main daughter's love interest)
Neighbor and mother
Neighbor's daughter ('mongoloid')
Neighbor's deformed son
Former owner of house, burned man
Former owners' murdered infant (re-animated by father)
Main father's former 'mistress' (later, ghost)
Former owner of house, mother, committed homicide and suicide
Former owner of house, doctor, re-animated infant son, killed by wife
Former owner of house, gay man, wants to flip the house (murdered by neighbor's homicidal son)
Former owner of house, gay man, wants out of his relationship (murdered by neighbor's homicidal son)
Real Estate agent for Murder House
Neighbor's new boyfriend (murdered by main husbands' ex-mistress)
Main Cop
'Black Dahlia'
Carnival Owner main woman
Conjoined Twins
Lobster Boy
Muscle Man
Three-breasted woman
Bearded Lady
Worlds smallest woman
Fortune teller
Homicidal rich manboy
Rich mother
Ghost who arrives every Halloween to take evil souls
Nun who comes to take gentle carnival girl
Gentle Carnival girl
Normal girl turned to sideshow attraction by her father ( and later lover)
Rich mother and sons' maid/cook
Misunderstood 'evil' clown
Freakishly tall carnival worker
'The Illustrated seal'
Evil man who conspires with fortune teller to cut off/kill members of the carnival for money
Gentle Carnival man brought in by owner to be a companion for Gentle Carnival girl
Former military man with psychological problems involving his ventriloquists' dummy
Former military mans' dummy
Former Hotel Owner, main woman/mother/lover/undead
Hotel Manager, owners' right hand man(woman)
Drug addict, ghost, and antagonist to hotel guests
Original Owner of the Hotel, homicidal mass murderer,ghost, formerly married to main woman
Main detective, on/off lover of drug addict, husband, father,(later serial killer)
Main woman's main love interest, managers' son, ghost
Main detective's wife
Eccentric, Transgender bartender of the hotel
Most recent owner of the hotel, brief husband of main woman
Former actress with a romantic past with main woman
Main womans' baby
Ghost, Hotel's maid
Main detective's daughter
Main detective's son (kidnapped/undead)
Main woman's brief lover
Most recent owner's son
Female serial killer who shows up for Devil's Night
Charming serial killer who shows up for Devil's Night
'Gay' serial killer who shows up for Devil's Night
Night serial killer who shows up for Devil's Night

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