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Can you name the Tectonic Hazards Facts

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Number of deaths in Kobe
Number of buildings collapsed in Kobe
Number of deaths in Kashmir
Number of buildings collapsed in Kashmir
Cost of Kobe
Cost of Kashmir
Two plates moving towards each other
Two plates moving away from each other
Two plates moving alongside each other
When one plate moves below another
At a subduction zone the ______ plate sinks
The plates move due to ______________
Molten rock below the ground
Molten rock above ground
Number of deaths in Hurricane Katrina
Number of deaths in Cyclone Nargis
Cost of Hurricane Katrina
% buildings collapsed in Cyclone Nargis
Location of Cyclone Nargis
Location of Hurricane Katrina
Kobe Richter Scale
Kashmir Richter Scale
Sea temperature for a tropical cyclone to form
A lack of rainfall

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