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Words which modify nouns
Words which modify adverbs
'be' 'have' and 'do'
Modal auxiliaries which express certainty
The language level that refers to meaning
Words with opposite meanings
Being blunt
Rude language
Who a text is aimed at
Modal verbs which express obligation
Texts can be in spoken, written or multi
Lots of words in a text which link to the same topic
The sound systems within a text
Describes the structure of a text
Words with more than two syllables
Words with one syllable
Harsh sounds: p t k
The dictionary definition of a word
Words with more than one meaning
Words which sound the same, but are spelled differently
Words which are actions or states
Words which name people
'kick' 'jump' 'punch'
The smallest unit of meaning e.g. 'ed'
Refers to ideas or concepts
Replace nouns
Indicate place or relationship between things in a sentence
The definite article
First person singular pronoun
Second person singular pronoun
First person plural pronoun
Third person singular pronouns
Ends in 'est'
Ends in 'er'
Past tense inflection on regular verbs
'think' 'know' 'guess'
A clause that can stand on its own grammatically
A clause that depends on the main clause to exist
Sentence which includes at least one subordinate clause
'and' 'but' 'or'

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