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Forced Order
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Who won the General Election in 1951
Who was Chancellor of the Exchequer in Churchill's government
Due to Butler's efforts, what was wiped out by 1952
How many houses did the Conservative pledge to build in the '51 election
By 1954, how many were actually built
Under the Conservatives, expenditure of social services increased from 39.2% in 1951 to how much in 1955
Give one reason why standards of living rose in the 1950s.
Who became Prime Minister in 1955
Why was the election in 1955 significant for the media
Which crisis forced Eden to resign
Who became Prime Minister in 1957 and won the 1959 election
Under Macmillan, Amory cut how many pence off income tax
What word, beginning with 'm' describes Macmillan's views
The Bevanites were followers of who
Until 1955, whose policies did the Bevanites criticised and opposed
Who was in favour of Britain maintaining a nuclear deterrent
What does the CND stand for

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