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Which part of the National Plan was created under George Brown?
The 1966 Election increased the Labour majority in the House of Commons to how many seats?
In what year did Attlee's government devalue the pound?
What year did Wilson devalue the pound?
What did this hope to do?
From 1964, there were tensions between whom and the Labour government?
What year did Wilson set up the Price and Incomes Board?
This was created to do what to pay settlements?
Who resigned as leader of the TGWU in 1966?
The most serious strikes of 66-67 were from which unions
What colour paper was 'In Place Of Strife' ?
Who was Employment Secretary in '69?
What year did Britain's second attempt to join the EEC occur?
Name one Labour Prime Minister from 1974-79?
Name the other one.
In what month in 1976 did the pound drop below $2?
How much money did Denis Healey start to negotiate from the IMF?
How many were unemplyed by 1978?
When was the Winter of Discontent?
About how many workers were on strike on 22nd January 1979?

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