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She would probably curse you out & unplug her phone
Am I supposed to change, are you supposed to change?
Can you get up, & get out of the bed 'cause I wanna see you, & I been wondering...
So get up & let this funky mellow groove get you in the mood, 'cause you know it's alright
I always had my eye on this one particular guy, I was too shy so I decided to write...
You don't wanna throw it all away, I might be shy on the first day what about the next day
Boy I promise you if we keep bumping heads, I know that one of these days...
When I feel what I feel, sometimes it's hard to tell you so...
Hey sexy baby, why'd ya girl leave you in pain?
I don't think you're ready for this thang
Baby you don't know what you do to me, between me & you, I feel a chemistry
I know in my heart I know in my mind we were meant to be...I'm the one in your life, I'm the one you call wife & I need to know...
Incarceration's what I'm facing, when I'm with you, you're watching m every move, tryna pick up on some clues
Ooh baby I love your stroke, cause you get me where I'm going
How could the one I was so true to just tell me lies?
You're hotter than a summer day in California, got me melting like a sunday & now I want 'cha
Here I am, & there you are, your eyes are calling me into your heart...
Yo you can go with yo dogs if you make this promise to me you make it back....
Off to college, yes you went away, straight from high school you up & left me
When we hooked up, we sat down make an agreement we vowed that, that we'd always be together through whatever
I used to go out to parties & stand around cause I was too nervous to really get down
Or how a road can seem so long, how the world can seem so vast, courage see me through, heart I'm trusting you
Boy you know just what to do, when it comes down to lovin' me, that is why I'm into you, cause we've got a love that's guaranteed
You can climb the highest mountain, you can swim the deepest sea, but boy I gotta let you know my love will always be
A special smile, a certain touch, I never had a love that I loved so much

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