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The leading lady of the novel
Which was written by
[Main character]'s father is a native Irishman called
[Main Character]'s mother was a Savannah native called
[Main Character]'s two younger sisters were called
...who grew up just outside of what plantation?
[Main Character]'s childhood friend and love interest
...who lives at what plantation?
...where she meets?
who is a native of
...who is Ashley's _____
Her brother is
...who falls in love with
Leading lady also meets
This man introduces this person to leading lady
...who later marries Scarlett herself
When her childhood friend marries his cousin, she marries this Atlanta native
These weddings both take palce on the eve of
Nine months later, leading lady gives birth to child #1, called
...whose father is?
...who dies of
For safety, Mrs. Wiles and Mrs. Hamilton flee to
...where they live with
Mrs. Wilkes gives birth to
When the Yankees siege Atlanta, who comes to leading lady's rescue?
He takes them back to
...where they learn that which of Mrs. Hamilton's family has died after the Yankees came through
Eventually, the Civil War ends, and Mrs. Hamilton remarries this storekeeper.
....who was originally courting
Nine months later, Mrs. Kennedy gives birth to child #2
...whose father is killed in a which this renegade blockader and this soldier and gentleman were also involved in
Shortly after her husband's death, leading lady remarries husband #3, who is
The couple moves into a house on what city?
In time, leading lady gives birth to child #3, called
...who dies of
...which was caused by
The final stake in the coffin is the death of
...whose cause of death is
Just before she dies, what does Mrs. Wilkes tell Mrs. Butler?
Mrs. Butler realizes after her friend's death that she loved both her first sister-in-law, and her husband
This man walks away from his marriage, uttering these famous words

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