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Eric Kripke originaly wanted Supernatural to be about what?
Jensen Ackles auditioned for what role?
Misha Collins thought he was auditioning for what kind of creature?
At one point in the many scripts for the Pilot episode, who was suppoed to be dead on the ceiling instead of Jessica?
The glass that Mary climbed out of in 'Bloody Mary' was actually what?
Many of the other mirrors were made of what?
The apple orchards in in 'Hook Man' were really what kind of trees?
The piano used in 'Faith' was used in what seventies band?
Who was the fan favorite guest star for season 1?
Jensen Ackles and Eric Kripke thought who was the scariest character in season 1?
They started the reaper off with what image?
Trey Collaway used symbols from what band in the episode 'Hello House'?
In a shot of the parked cars neat the beginning of 'Provenance,' one of the license plates reads what?
During the filming of 'Dead Man's Blood,' the police locked down the park because of a sniper siting. What was it really?
What creature did Eric Kriplke not want to because he didn't want SPN to be too much like The X-Files?
Who DID want to have an episode with these creatures?
The Latin inscription on the colt, 'Non timebo mala,' translates to what?
At one point of another of the writing of 'Devil's Trap,' which character was it that was kidknapped and then possessed?
What name was Misha Collins born with?
During the shooting of 'Devil's Trap,' Jeffrey Dean Morgan's first priority was what show?
How long did it take to shoot Meg's exorcism in 'Devil's Trap'?
Jared Padalecki has worked with the WB since he was how old?
What are the names of Jared Padalecki's two dogs?
What are the names of Jensen Ackle's dogs?
Jared Padalecki had a poster of who on his wall before the shooting of Supernatural?
The crew made a pape mache of Mary Winchester to burn on the ceiling in the Pilot. What did they name her?
Who played Mary Winchester?
In S02E01, 'In My Time of Dying,' who threw Sam's computer off the top of a building to make it look like it was in the car accident?
Jared Padalecki failed at spelling what word on the ouija board?
Eric Kripke originally wanted them to have what kind of car?
At the end of season one a few people asked if Sam and Dean would make it, but EVERYONE asked if which loved character would make it?
How tall is Jared Padalecki?
Eric Kripke's son was born on what date?
Which two Supernatural characters were born on January 24th?
Which season was the first that Eric Kripke directed an episode in?
Which band's songs did Eric Kripke really want to be in the show but the budget couldn't afford it?
In the season 2 episode 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things,' Jared Padalecki broke what two things?
The dam used in Simon Said was also used in what other CW show?
For 'In My Time of Dying,' Eric Kripke says Dean is what kind of ghost?

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