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Toyota RAV4$25,600
Dodge Grand Caravan $24,760
Lincoln Navigator $45,700
Jeep Wrangler $22,395
Mini Countryman$22,100
Infiniti QX50 $37,890
Lexus LS$63,790
Subaru Impreza $17,895
Toyota Tacoma $26,900
Chevy Malibu$22,340
Buick Lacrosse $34,540
Honda Odyssey$28,825
Acura ILX$27,890
Cadillac ATS Sedan $33,065
Chevy Spark$12,170
Ford Flex$29,015
Dodge Durango $29,995
Cadillac SRX Crossover $37,605
Chevy Silverado $23,575
Ford F-150$24,870
Audi A3$29,900
Nissan Quest$27,940
Cadillac ERL Coupe$75,000
Kia Optima $23,600
Toyota Camry$22,425
Ford Focus Electric $35,170
Ford Mustang $22,510
Ford Explorer $29,900
Kia Soul$14,900
Ford Escape$22,610
Volkswagen Passat$20,995
Jeep Patriot $16,195
Dodge Dart$17,210
BMW 228i Coupe$33,700
Ford Fiesta$14,100
Kia Sorento $24,100
Chevy Corvette$53,000
Jeep Cherokee $23,220
Lincoln MKC$33,100
Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class$45,600
Audi Q5$34,600
Volvo XC60$35,750
Audi Q7$47,700
Subaru Forester $19,895
Hyundai Elantra $18,790
Nissan Titan$26,600
Nissan Maxima$34,980
Mazda CX-5$19,780
Chevy Sonic Hatchback$13,800
Audi S8$98,450
Subaru Outback$25,900
Chevy Cruze$18,210
Nissan Altima $23,900
Lincoln MKZ$34,430
Fiat 500$14,999
Ford Focus$16,980
Honda Civic$17,960
Volkswagen Tiguan$24,095
Ram 1500$24,610
Land Rover LR4$50,625
Nissan Juke$19,170
Nissan Rouge$23,560
Hyundai Genesis $34,780
Volkswagen Beetle$20,295
Honda Accord$21,955
Nissan Leaf$28,980
Toyota Corolla $16,800
Toyota Highlander$27,890
Dodge Avenger $20,595
Nissan Murano$31,450
Mazda Mazda2$14,720
Buick Enclave $39,000
Buick Verano $23,700
Mercedes-Benz C-Class $35,800
GMC Sierra 1500$26,075
BWM 640i Coupe$75,700
Toyota Prius$16,900
Dodge Journey $19,995
Chevy Volt$34,185
Ford Edge$29,410
Chevy Tahoe$44,895
Volkswagen Jetta$19,580
Toyota Yaris$14,430
Honda CR-V$22,945
Honda Pilot$30,740
Hyundai Santa Fe$27,800
Infiniti Q50$37,150
BMW i3$45,350
Lexus RX$40,795
Chevy Equinox$24,440
Ford Fusion$21,970
Volvo S80$43,405
Cadillac Escalade $63,750
Smart Pure Coupe$13,270
Chrysler Town & Country$29,890
Nissan Cube$16,900
Acura MDX$42,290

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