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Previous LyricsLyricsSong
I started the night with all my friendsThe Real Damage (AIEUA)
I cannot fail, I've got this farNashville Tennessee (WNKOMG)
And so the world has changedIsabel (AIMCAW)
And who'd have thought that a french kiss fromTo Take You Home (APGCCAEB)
I'm not being melodramatic, it's justCasanova Lament (INHYNOAK)
I've how I've tried but now all that's leftBetter Half (IMOFDASL)
But for better or for worseFather's Day (IATIY)
Life is too shortPoetry of the Dees (TLWP)
I could've played safe, but in the endJourney of the Magi (TJBJTOTP)
Hey, Hey Mr DylanPass it Along (IHWYAS)
I should have gone home when I could, but I stayedI Really Don't Car What you Did on your Gap Year (BTINWTCO)
I speak my mind when I'm out cold, or so I'm toldBack to Sleep (ASISTRMHIC)
I haven't got space on this postcard to say how I feelSea Legs (BTWTD)
We planned a revolution from a cheap Southampton BistroI Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous (IDRDBTWEBWB)
I sleep with my passport, one eye on the back doorI am Disappeared (SICAR)
She summers by my seasA Decent Cup of Tea (BWWM)
And we're definitely going to hellThe Ballad of me and My Friends (BWHATBSTT))
I'm at the age where I want things to changeOnce We Were Anarchists (BWAMHHF)
Previous LyricsLyricsSong
I won't sit down and I won't shut upPhotosynthesis (AMOAIWNGU)
And anyone who looks younger than meThatcher F****** the Kids (MMCFMWMPAMK)
I'm not as awesome as this song makes outReasons not to be an Idiot (IAUASO)
That Wat Tyler, Woody Guthrie, Dostoevsky, and Davy JonesOne Foot Before the Other (HADITEAHCIMB)
And straighten our backs and not be afraidLove, Ire & Song (ATCODWANP)
We write love songs in C and we do politics in GTry This at Home (WSSAOFIEM)
I've driven across deserts, driven by the ironyThe Road (TOBSTTRCEIBF)
On the phone you always ask if I'm okayJet Lag (BINTSABH)
Who'd have thought, that after allI Still Believe (SASARARCSUA)
You dance as if you're hours away from deathLadies of London Town (YWTMMASTMF)
I tried so hard to not turn into my fatherRedemption (BIIOESOHCWIECB)
I have to admit that I am one of the manyRomantic Fatigue (WTTAGWWHAL)
If you steal the land of an English man then you shall know this curseEnglish Curse (YFBSWBWRUTEE)
If music was the food of loveSubstitute (TIBAFRS)
You say worse things happen at seaWorse Things Happen at Sea (ISWTHHTM)
We live to dance another day, its just nowLong Live the Queen (WHTDFOMOU)
A man who trades his liberty for a safe a dreamless sleepSons of Liberty (DDTBOTANSHK)
You were always, as far as MongoliaSmiling at Strangers on Trains (ACAMC)

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