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10 Elements Discovered After 1960
Discovered in 1961 
Discovered in 1968 
Discovered in 1970 
Discovered in 1974 
Discovered in 1981 
Discovered in 1982 
Discovered in 1984 
Discovered in 1994 
Discovered in 1994 
Discovered in 1996 
9 Elements Named After Celestial Bodies
Named after Ceres 
Named after the Sun 
Named after Mercury 
Named after Neptune 
Named after Pallas 
Named after Pluto 
Named after the Moon 
Named after Earth 
Named after Uranus 
8 Radioactive Elements With Atomic No. Less than 90
Atomic Number 43 
Atomic Number 61 
Atomic Number 84 
Atomic Number 85 
Atomic Number 86 
Atomic Number 87 
Atomic Number 88 
Atomic Number 89 
7 Alkali Metals
Atomic Number 1 
Atomic Number 3 
Atomic Number 11 
Atomic Number 19 
Atomic Number 37 
Atomic Number 55 
Atomic Number 87 
6 Noble Gases
Atomic Number 2 
Atomic Number 10 
Atomic Number 18 
Atomic Number 36 
Atomic Number 54 
Atomic Number 86 
5 Elements Named After Modern Day Countries
Named after Cyprus 
Named after France 
Named after Germany 
Named after Poland 
Named after Russia (latin) 
4 Elements Named After One Town
Named after Ytterby, Sweden 
Named after Ytterby, Sweden 
Named after Ytterby, Sweden 
Named after Ytterby, Sweden 
3 Stable Natural Elements Discovered Since 1900
Atomic Number 72 
Atomic Number 71 
Atomic Number 75 
2 Elements Liquid at Room Temperature
Atomic Number 35 
Atomic Number 80 
1 First Element to be made Artificially
Atomic Number 43 

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