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'Now look at me, tired old pop star in _' - MacPhisto
What does Bono like to use during '40'?
'A woman needs a man like Clayton needs a _' - Bono
What was Larry driving when he got pulled over by a German police officer?
Be careful, you might get trapped inside of it!
'Take a look what we got for Christmas. We got a _' - Bono
What did Bono used to wave?
'You know something! You're f***ing beautiful!', What did Bono have in his hand as he said this?
What is shaped like an egg, 3.8 meters wide and sits on top of a 30 meter stick?
'Jesus, Jew, Muhammad, it's true. All sons of Abraham.' What was written across Bono's forehead when he said this?
What did Bono wear at Popmart during 'Discothèque'?
Bono, please don't use this again, you might catch fire!
'La la la la la la la la la la la la laaa laaa ' - Bono, 2015. Which prop does this remind you of?
Access to this caused a lot of resentment among some fans at a show during the Elevation Tour
What has been hanging above Bono's head on stage in 2015?
Who's idea was it to scatter small TVs across the Zoo TV stage?

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