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'I really thought our pop discipline was matching our experimentation and this was our 'Sergeant Pepper'. I was a little wrong about that.' - Bono, U2 by U2 Which album is being referenced?
'Drummers can get a bit weird when they start singing' - The Edge, 1992Who is the Edge talking to?
'The fashion world is not my natural habitat' - ??, U2 by U2Who said this?
'Ladies and gentlemen what can I say about these august men, these titans among rock and rollers? [...] the band for the future, the 80s or 90s who knows? U2' - John McKennaWhat year was this said?
'It is U2 at our funkiest. Sexy music. 'Sly and The Family Stone' meets Manchester baggy.' - Bono, U2 by U2Which song is being referenced?
'I would like to say I won this in a poker game but the truth is I designed this myself. There was drink involved.' - Bono, 1993Give the name of what Bono is talking about
'There was quite a lot of debate about whether or not that would be included. I was a bit of fun and frivolity, which is not something U2 are noted for.' - Adam, U2 by U2Which song is being referenced?
'I think it is safe to say there was a bit of a row afterwards.' - Paul McGuinness, U2 by U2Which event does this quote concern?
'We're going to get this album out next year' - Bono, 2015Is this reliable information?
'This song is based on the idea that sex is a conversation of sorts. On one level it's purely carnal but on another it's a prayer.' - Bono, U2 by U2Which song is being referenced?
'Smart. Wiley Irish guys. Anybody can do an ad and take the money. But to do the ad and not take the money - that's smart. That's wiley.' ?? - 2005Who said this?
'Electronic blues death rattle' - Bono, U2 by U2Which song is being referenced?
'I believe in love, money, poetry, electricity, _ ' - Mirror Ball Man, 1993What is the next thing the Mirror Ball Man says he believes in?
'People thought this album was a return to the U2 of old. It was not the end of the drum machine. [...] has one all the way through the song.' - Larry, U2 by U2Which song is being referenced?
'I don't want to be on the news, man. You want to be on the news. I don't need to be on the news.' - The Edge, 2005 Who is The Edge talking to?
'I think it's our best album, although perhaps not our most innovative' - The Edge, U2 by U2Which album is being referenced?
'The singers came too. They were so hot. Everyone started to perspire, the temperature in the studio was at an all time high.' - Bono, U2 by U2Singers from which group?
'Mick Jagger came to see us at [...]. He said: 'Oh, this is getting like Star Wars'.' - Bono, 2015Which U2 tour did Mick Jagger describe?
'I'm the man that brought you the _.' - Bono, 2005Complete the quote
'We've got a lot of people traveling from a lot of places to come see us tonight. We've got a lot of people sitting in their cars tuning in tonight....' - Bono, 1989During which song's intro is this said?
'In fact, it was actually very useful for finding out what we think of each other, particularly on the odd occasions when we stopped talking.' - Bono, 2003What was useful?
'I think it's an earnest little riddle about love. I guess, by implication, it's about the counterfeit of what you can't find.' - Bono, U2 by U2Which song is being referenced?
'Another one [song] is a full frontal attack from The Edge.' - Bono, 1990Which song is being referenced?
'In this setting, you don't mean to suggest that your music is flimsily constructed from cheap materials, discountable and ultimately disposable?' - Mark Scheerer Which setting?
'If your going to do something this big, you might as well have fun with it.' - Willie WilliamsWhich tour is being referenced?
'This award goes to a bunch of guys that have made an outstanding contribution to my record collection over I don't know how many years and probably to yours as well...' - ??, 2001Who said this?
'I was really really embarrassed. I woke up a few days before the Apple release and tried to stop it from being on the album.' - Bono, 2015Which song is being referenced?
'You know what they say: 'A band that plays together, stays together'. We hadn't really played together in a while.' - LarryDuring which album promo tour was this said?
'Illegitimi non carborundum'Which song has an english rewording of this?
'We're not Indie, we're not miserable, we're full of joy and we are going to take over where Phil Spector left off. Big ideas, big themes, big sound.' - Bono, U2 by U2Which album does this quote concern?
'Rock'n'Roll doggie' - Bono, 1992Can you give the full title of where this quote is taken from?
'Nobody would take responsibility for what is happening, it's quite obvious what I was trying to do. You wouldn't need a doctorate in _ to know what I was trying to do.' - Bono, 87What wouldn't you need a doctorate in?
'Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’True or False: This is the Bible verse referenced on the All That You Can't Leave Behind album cover
'A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle'Who coined this famous catch phrase?
'We are not worthy!' - Bono, 1992To half the members of which pop group does Bono say this?
'It was a little self-indulgent. I thought we might be pushing our audience too far.' - Larry, U2 by U2Which album is being referenced?
'Rock N Roll Stops The Traffic' These words were sprayed in San Francisco during which song?
'Listen man, two of us can't wear the same jacket now, can we?' - ?, 2005Who said this?
'MISS YOU SUGAR'On certain copies of which album does this appear?
'He's a wrap artist.' - The Edge, 2015Who is?

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