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Can you name the nouns most frequently used by Bono in his lyrics?

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No hint needed, this is Bono after all348
Think about lyrics post 1991106
Won't leave you as you are99
A trench is dug within this98
Midnight is where this begins87
A woman needs this like a fish needs a bicycle78
Bono lost this at twilight69
We get dizzy when this turns67
Rhymes with goal 53
Don't let it go out50
They make a circle48
A roman candle lightning lights this up48
'Jara sang, his _ a weapon'43
What won't melt our delta wings tonight?38
'Some days you hear a voice, taking you to another _'37
It's okay if you change it36
'I walk the sweet _ tragicomedy'35
30 January 1972 34
You don't know which way it will blow32
Bono knows a girl who is like this32

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