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Can you answer these U2 related questions about accidents, misfortunes and crimes?

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The briefcase containing lyrics for the October album was lost/stolen in which U.S. state?
During The Joshua Tree Tour Bono dislocated his left or right shoulder?
A CD containing a demo version of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb was reported stolen in 2004. To which band member did it belong?
What type of crime took place in 1989 involving the song 'Exit'?
What type of injury in 2010 caused the cancellation of 16 North American shows as well as the Glastonbury concert?
During which song did The Edge fall off the stage in 2015?
Bono was flying to which city in 2014 when the plane's luggage compartment door fell off?
Before recording All That You Can't Leave Behind, what type of medical procedure did Bono undergo?
In July of 1979 The Edge fell ill from which illness that disrupted various gigs?
Before leaving for London in 1979 Adam and The Edge were involved in what type of accident?
During which tour did Bono cut open his face by falling off a light?
For possessing of which drug did Adam donate 25'000 Irish pounds to charity in 1989 in exchange for no conviction on his record?
Which stylist did U2 fight in court in 2005?
John Boyle O'Reilly, the person to which the song 'Van Diemen's Land' refers, was arrested in the 1860s for belonging to which group?
In which park was Bono in an accident which led to a facial fracture involving the orbit of his eye?

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