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'Silver and Gold' was written in a hotel room in this city.
In which venue did U2 play in the US for the first time?
Complete the lyric: 'Miami, New Orleans, London, Belfast and _'
Which song references China?
In which country did the Unforgettable Fire Tour begin in August of 1984?
True or False: Dublin is referenced by name in a U2 album song
To which city did U2 communicate with via a satellite link during the Zoo TV Tour?
Which was the first South American city that U2 played in?
Edge: 'If I had feet like that Lawrence, I wouldn't want them in the film'; Larry: 'Well I had a head like yours I'd bleeding bury it' - In which studio did this take place?
In which city was 'Mercy' played for the first time?
Complete this intro: 'We've got a lot of people sitting in their cars tuning in tonight. Sitting in their cars in Belfast and Glasgow, Liverpool and _, Bristol and London.'
Complete the following: 'Let's get married! Let's go to _!'
Which nightclub is the song 'Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World' dedicated to?
An Interstate portion in which US city was closed down for the filming of the 'Last Night On Earth' video?
After U2 played here Bill Graham of NME wrote: 'U2 are impressive contenders with the appetite and talent to improve beyond their already credible status'
The streets of this city helped inspire 'Where the Streets Have No Name'
In which city was 'Your Blue Room' played for the first time?
Complete this lyric: 'Something that wouldn't be a problem, At least not in _'
During which tour did U2 play in Mexico for the first time?
Where did Bono say this: 'I can't see you but I love you. What can I say, the tour starts here!'
Name of the venue where U2 signed their first record deal.
Did the band sign their first record deal in a Men's room or a Ladies' room?
Which African country did Bono and Ali visit in 1986?
City in which The Edge's demo version of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb was stolen.
Complete the lyric: 'In an apartment on _, You can assemble them anywhere'
Where did Bono snippet the song 'Jerusalem'
Venue in which Bono attended his first concert (The Clash).
Name of the hotel co-owned by Bono and The Edge.

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