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Can you guess these 20 nouns or names that only occur once in U2's lyrics?

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HintNoun or Name
'Reading _ 13'
These begin in dreams
'Got the sun got the sand, Got the batteries in the _'
Elvis ate this and just got bigger and bigger
' ‘Cause it’s never dead it’s still in my head, It was a _ in my teens'
Where can you hear ridiculous voices?
If I say 'New York' and Jean-Luc Godard, you say?
Sometimes the band in Bono's head plays like this
'I have your face in an old _'
If you wear that velvet dress, what will the moon be like tonight?
HintNoun or Name
What type of mythological bird is referenced in Hawkmoon 269?
If I say swing, sway and straw then you say?
Once it’s won, it’s one
In what do you put the women and children first?
'This desperation, Dislocation, Separation, _, Revelation, In temptation, Isolation, Desolation, Let it go '
'_ is all around... military is still in town'
Beach in California
'Sunrise like a _, Your head hurts and you can't breathe'
If I say gasoline, you say?
What is coming in for a splash?

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