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Can you name the various love interests of each of the main Gossip Girl characters?

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HintCharacter's Name
Serena's high school sweetheart
Blair's childhood prince charming
Chuck's European angel
Nate's scandalous older woman
Dan's celebrity sweetheart
Vanessa's fleeting college romance
Lily's first husband
Rufus' ex-wife
Jenny's first-ever
Eric's longtime beau
Dorota's baby-daddy
Blair's royal romance
Dan's taboo teacher
Lily's deceased power-house husband
Vanessa & Jenny's love triangler
Serena's college professor affair
Nate's family feud's finest
Eleanor's dorky (but doting) hubby
Rufus' art-dealer date
Serena's summer fling and father-finder
Dan's would-be-baby-mama
HintCharacter's Name
Jenny's fake gay boyfriend
Chuck's family rival's daughter
Harold Waldorf's model boytoy
Eric's bisexual neighbor boy
Nate's shady lady
Dan's highly unlikely crush
Nate's longtime crush... on his girlfriend's best friend!
Serena's jailbird hottie
Lily's ex who wants revenge on Bart Bass
Blair's regrettable New Year's fling
Serena's boss... who happens to be married!
Dan & Olivia's 'special guest'
Jenny's drug-dealer boyfriend
Chuck's first real love
Serena's sexy con-artist
Dan's best friend-turned-girlfriend
Blair's Parisian prince
Serena's womanizing artist boyfriend
Dan's freaky NYU drama student hookup
Eleanor's gay ex-husband

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