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Can you name the Great Depression?

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What is a recession?
What does GDP stand for?
What was the unemployment rate?
How many banks failed?
What crashed and caused the Great Depression?
What COLLAPSED and caused the Great Depression?
What did Hoover do to get America out of the Great Depression
What were shantytowns/hoovervilles?
Who did Americans think was their hero during the Great Depression?
What eventually got America out of the Great Depression?
True/False: As soon as FDR became president, he wastes no time on providing services to the public.
Why did Hoovers unpopularity grow as the depression continued to worsen?
The use of what american banking system, helped explain the bank holiday to the public?
The Civilian Conservation Corps of 1933, did what?
Many people began wanting a quick profit with out lookin at the risks. This is called what?
What is black tuesday?
The agricultural family's were in distress, due to what?
The Federal Home Loan Act did what for the american system?
How were shantytowns, soup kitchens, and bread lines a response to the great depression?
Why did minorities often experience an increase in discrimination during the great depression?

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