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Can you name all campaign missions debuted throughout Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo Reach

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DescriptionCampaign Level
Escape intact as Covenant forces board your ship
Seek out surviving Marines and help them fight the Covenant
Board a Covenant ship in an attempt to rescue Captain Keyes
Search for the map room that will lead you to the secrets of Halo
Defend the control room against wave after wave of Covenant troops
Creep through a swamp to meet the only enemy the Covenant fear
Fight your way through an ancient security facility in search for the Index
Re-activate the weapon at the heart of Halo... and learn the truth
Stage a one-cyborg assault on a Covenant ship and bring back the Captain
Destroy Halo before Halo destroys all life in the galaxy
For failure such as this, no punishment is too great
Suit up, prepare for battle
DescriptionCampaign Level
Defend the station's MAC gunfrom Covenant boarders
Rally scattered Marines, clear hostile contacts from the old city
Take the bridge, break the Covenant's grip on the city-centre
Infiltrate a Forerunner facility, quell the heresy within
Kill the Heretic Leader. The Prophets' will be done
A Covenant army stands between you and Regret. Get to work
You heard the lady. Locate the prophet, take him down
Succceed where others have failed. Lower the shield protecting the Sacred Icon
Parasites, humans - no matter. The Icon must be found
The prophets have the Index and plan to use it? Over your dead body
This is certain: The Brutes shall pay for the blood they have spilled
Cortana can handle the Index - stopping Truth is up to you
DescriptionCampaign Level
Form an unexpected alliance, keep Tartarus from activating the ring
Brace for impact
Rise up. Start the fight
Clear the base, whatever it takes
Mount up. Get to Voi
Reclaim the city. Make a hole
Stop the infestation. Find Cortana
Search the waste for the Cartographer
Breach the barrier. Stop truth
Cleanse High Charity. Save Cortana
Light the ring. Destroy the Flood
Welcome to Reach
DescriptionCampaign Level
There's a disturbance on the frontier
Covenant are attacking a vital ONI base. Drive the bastards off
Move in behind enemy lines and evaluate the opposition
Two massive armies clash! Time to go to war against the Covenant
Move up the beach and secure the launch facility. Take the battle to the Covenant Super Carrier
Provide air support in a forest of crumbling skyscrapers
Your orders are to destroy Sword Base... Or are they?
Deliver Halsey's data package to the Pillar of Autumn
Spartans never die. They're just missing in action...

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