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What company created Over Watch?
What character has two ultimate's?
On the trailer who killed Halo?
What is Winston's favorite food? (other than bananas)
What hero killed his own brother?
Who got killed from his own brother?
How many playable heroes are there currently?
Who is Road hogs main partner?
What hero has no footsteps sound?
True or false? Every hero has unlimited ammo
What hero has a pet bird?
What hero gives sick beats when they activate their ultimate?
What is the name of Mei's little robot?
What is the name of Winston computer speaker?
How many heroes can be in each team?
What type of guns does Reaper have?
How many eyes does Widow maker have?
What is Reapers real name?
What hero can deploy a turrent?
Who created the device that can give Tracer time jumping?
Who is the youngest hero?
Who is the Oldest hero?
Which hero can head shot any one when in their ultimate?
Who has bright colorful yellow wings?
Who's heroes mother was apart of the first over watch team?
What hero has courages pink hair?
What hero can create teleporters for her teammates?
What is soldier 76's real name?
Who is the big bad hammer weilding rhino you do not want to fight melee with?
What original skin color is D'va's mech?

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