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Have you been playing Subnautica? If you have, you might know that if you find creature eggs, you can hatch them in your Aquarium and get a baby version of the creature that laid it. Can you match the eggs to the creatures by these descriptions?

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DescriptionCreatureExtra Info
Light blue, SmoothHangs around in the Mushroom Tree biome, deep underwater
Green/Brown, BubblyFound in the Creepvine Forest
Blue with yellow tentaclesExtremely rare (it took me 2 hours to find ONE)
Dark blue with light blue scratchesEasily found in the Safe Shallows
Gray and has multiple layersFound near the Koosh zone
Dark green and has yellow spotsRare, First spotted in the Safe Shallows by everynightxRIOT
Looks like a sea shellSeen in the Mushroom Tree biome
Has spikes at the bottom of the eggFound in the Grand Reef (Along side withe the Reefback)
Has 8 electric Bolts at the cornersFound IN the Koosh zone

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