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Can you name the A-Z of Minecraft?

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LetterMinecraft ThingsHint
A________ is like stone, but more annoying.
B_______ is impossible to break.
C______ _______ comes from chicken on fire.
D_____ by Lava.
EThe ___________ is the final boss of Minecraft.
FI was hungry, so I ate some ____.
GSome people call money ____.
H______s can extract things from chests.
ISquids drop ___ ___s.
JA _______ plays music.
KNothing begins with K.
LYou use a _____ to open an iron door.
MThe 2 blocks you can grow are Pumpkins and ___s.
LetterMinecraft ThingsHint
NPlays a noise when you hit it.
OI used ______ ___ to make my sheep orange
PYou use sugar cane to make _____
QThe ore from the nether is ______.
R________ is wire in real life.
SI found some ____ on the beach.
TMy _____ lighted the cave.
UYou find goods ___________.
VThe ____ is impossible to get to in Survival.
WThe ocean has ______.
XGoing right and left.
YGoing up and down.
Z______s spawn at night.

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