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Can you name the Kim Possible Villians

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Hint 1Name of VillainHint 2
 Has blue skin
 Has glowing green hands. Former member of Team Go.
 Scottish-wears a kilt
 Thanks a lot, Ron!
 Wishes to be a pop star sensation
 Obsessed with monkeys
 #1's rival
 Live in a hive
 Went to Camp Wannaweep with Ron
 #1's cousin- often breaks #2, not #1, out of jail
Hint 1Name of VillainHint 2
 Obsessed with cuddle buddies (and #6)
 Lost inheritance
 Tim and Jim's hero
 Dr. Director's evil twin
 Obsessed with birds
 Electricity is her game!
 Likes math (a lot)
 Awakened by #6

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