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Considered the father of all creepypastas
The pale-faced, insane, knife-wielding, sleep-deprived killer
A girl whose parents were killed by someone else on this list
The demon that haunts the game of Minecraft with his supernatural powers and bright, glowing, white eyes
The archenemy of another person on this list; the demon king, as dark as the devil himself
The stubby armed, actually kind of cute, little thing
The insane, sad clown that makes furniture out of human organs that came from a jack-in-the-box
The guy whose eyes are missing, and who likes to eat kidneys for dinner
The naked man who likes to stand on all fours and kill children
The smiling canine that gets sent along by people through emails, and a picture witha message: 'Spread the Word'
The black and white mouse that, when you watch his video, makes you want to commit suicide
The squid that did badly at his performance, had his eyes start bleeding, and commited suicide
An experiment that was meant to test what would happen when subjects spent 30 days without sleeping. It went WRONG
The town that, after a giant earthquake, disappeared overnight, leaving only a crevice behind

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