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Two Guys from Andromeda's Flagship game (1986-1995)
Starring Bobbin Threadbare (1990)
An 'adult' adventure game (1987-2009)
Play as a biker dude (1995)
Featuring Graham, Valanice, Alexander, or Rosella (1984-1998)
'Look behind you - a three-headed monkey!' (1990-2011)
A P.I. tale set in post-nuclear San Francisco (1989 - 2014)
A game based on a Disney film (1986)
Its sequel was 'Day of the Tentacle' (1987)
The hero has a pet frog named 'Horny' (1991)
The _________ series: A story of a mystery-solving journalist heroine (1989)
Open linking books to travel between ages (1993 - 2005)
One of the first horror games released on CD (1993)
Play as a skeleton (1998)
Don't forget your towel! (Text-based adventure) (1984)
A steampunk adventure exploring an old toy factory (2002)
Play as a robot crash landed on an alien world (2003)

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