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Can you name the Star Trek: The Next Generation characters from A-Z?

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A - first name of Worf's son
B - a cybernetic Collective
C - last name of two characters
D - an android
E - a Cardassian officer overseeing the Demilitarized Zone
F - a Bajoran member of Chamber of Ministers
G - Chancellor of the Klingon High Council
H - attendant to Lwaxana Troi
J - Romulan officer that committed suicide after failed attempt to trick the Enterprise
K - Worf's younger brother
L - Data's daughter
M - Bolian hairdresser aboard the Enterprize
N - now an admiral, was Picard's commanding officer
O - transporter chief
P - has an artificial heart
Q - part of the Continuum
R -has a duplicate due to transporter malfunction
S - doctor of Riker in an insane asylum
T - ship's counselor
U - love interest of LaForge; once presumed dead
V - archaeologist; love interest of Picard
W - second security chief
Y - first security chief
Z - lifeform introduced to crew by Q

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