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Forced Order
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What is Meg's last name?
In what episode do we first meet a shape-shifter?
When is Lisa Braeden introduced?
What color is Sam's crazy dog-shirt in 'Something Wicked'?
What is the last episode in season 3 called?
How old is Dean in the pilot?
Who kills Azazel?
What is Sam addicted to?
What is the fifth episode of season 4 called?
Which classic horror movie is referenced twice in 'Bloodlust'?
How many episode are there in season 3?
What major character is first introduced in 'It's a Terrible Life'?
Which Disney Channel show does Dean reference in 'Lucifer Rising'?
Who from the Supernatural cast played a serial rapist in the movie 'Karla'?
In what episode does someone drink a Purple Nurple?
And what character is introduced in that episode?
In the pilot, Dean puts a Metallica casette in the stereo, but what band really starts playing?
And the song, please?
Now, an easy one, who plays Dean Winchester on the show?
Sam Winchester?
Bobby Singer?
What season features an episode about magicians?
Who makes out with Crowley?
In what season 5 episode does Dean finally go along with Sam's plan to end Lucifer?
After he has been missing since 'Point of no return', where does Cas wake up?
What famous band made Dean's favorite songs?
What show is Dean's guilty pleasure?
Who is the first horseman Sam and Dean encounter?
What sort of creature do the boys meet in 'What is and What Should Never Be?

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