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QUIZ: Can you name the word, name, or phrase that ends in way?

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HintWay Word
Famed Broncos quarterback
AC/DC's path to Hell?
Shrek location
Comic measure of weight
Ernest or Mariel
Swing or wave
Lesser road
Kung Fu Panda character
Not here
Autobahn, e.g.
Sinatra hit
Crosswalk issue
Al Pacino film
Santana hit
Golfer Bob
Household products distributor
Golf course feature
James Gang hit
American jazz artist
Studio Ghibli film
Airport strip
HintWay Word
Purchase plan
Folding bed
Bing Crosby film
Starry sight
Aerosmith hit
Charitable group
What to stay out of
Mild mannered comedian
NFL Joey or British pol George
Elevated road
Mr. Drysdale's secretary
Progress made
New York theater district street
Chocolate treat
Styx hit
Beatles tune
Food to go
Flavorful seed
Turn around sign!
Noted flautist
Dam runoff feature
Del Shannon hit

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