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Can you name the words that end in STONE?

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Fred or Wilma
Found along the edge of a roadway
Found in old roadways
Not good when around your neck
O.K. Corral town, or frozen pizza
Talc source
American comic Paula...
Row house building material
Gypsum cement brand
Naturally occurring magnet
American tire maker
Green jasper with red spots
Used to test quality of gold or silver
Thorin Oakenshield's wondrous gem
Farmers fence material
Old Faithful's park
Stage magician Harry...
Commonly used sedimentary rock
Sour cream maker
Rock made of small grains of quartz
Sulfur, as in Fire and...
Shimmering pale gem
Arch center block, or bumbling movie cops
Knife sharpener
Antifreeze brand
First piece of a masonry foundation
Clueless actress Alicia...
Japanese tire maker
Yogi and Booboo's park
Progress marker
1961 space mission Mercury...
Precious or semi-precious mineral
Keep your nose to this
Patio or walkway component

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