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Can you name the word or name that ends in RON?

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Kitchen smock, with strings
Transformer's home planet
Hereditary title
Sony picture tube
Edna Ferber novel and western film
Yellow spice
Synthetic fiber
Subatomic particle with no electrical charge
Great lake and American Indian tribe
Ohio town or navy zeppelin
Aircraft supporting member
Mummy embalming substance
Wading bird
Lady in charge
Fragrant, pear-like fruit
Mrs. Osbourne
Regular customer or financial backer
Super robot of cartoon fame
NBA star James
Aircraft and defense conglomerate
Styx boatman
Found zipping around in an atom
Packers quarterback Rogers
1982 Disney sci-fi film
Mariachi bass instrument
Titanic director James
Chemical element or mineral
Mr. Howard, Paul, or Weasley
Aircraft control surface
Common metal
Hyundai model
Scandalous energy company
Legendary king of the fairies

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